DIY Engineering

DIY Engineering

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Hi Bloggers…

This is a new blog specially for all armature and gurus both S.R and J.r Engineers, to share their DIY projects. My main aim is to ensure continuity in the armature part of technology, which will be achieved through team work. So why can`t we grab the chance and go for it!!. Do it yourself (DIY) is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. This can be either from scratch or from hooking up few electronics.

Please feel free to share your electronics projects with me, either tested and proved or not and through team contributions, we may find a better way to modify and boost the project to pro level. Also feel free to ask questions related to electronics and computers.

By Engineer s.r Geoffrey Maragiah

(C) J.r Engineer Geoffy  Elmaragiah  (Administrator)